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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  September 16, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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similar off-campus robberies that have grown more aggressive as students flock to the university to begin the fall semester. police have two other possible suspects who were with jah making transactions with stolen credit cards. i'm delia gonsalves in district heights, maryland. the driver involved in a deadly crash never hit the brakes. his car only coming to a stop when he slammed into this brick wall and fence before that suv flipped over. a horrific scene in district heights. an suv torn to pieces. a few yards away an ambulance rip add part. remarkably the two firefighters in the ambulance walked away from this cash-- crash. but the three men in the suv died instantly. addle by jones stopped by the home of the father of two who lived with his parents. >> i called him around 3:00 this morning and his phone kept going to voice mail and i looked at the news around 5:00 and i was like, man, that's
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probably -- i heap that's not -- hope that's not him. >> reporter: he was traveling with cousin and ray watley and friend tony burney. >> that vehicle traveling that excessive rate of speed was on top of them. i'm andrea mccarran in baltimore at johns hopkins where a gunman opened fire and killed himself and mother after wounding a doctor. moments after a doctor briefed paul warren partis about his mother's condition, police say he opened fire. >> and fired a single gunshot that struck the doctor in the lower chest, upper abdomen. >> reporter: as s.w.a.t. teams surrounded the building, the hospital went into lockdown. >> my boss came running in to tell me to stay put where i'm at, because there is a guy running around with a gun and we don't know what he's going to do. >> reporter: some hospital staffers say partis was angry
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that his mother's final surgery allegedly left her paralyzed. and that doctor that partis shot has been identified. his name is dr. david cohen and he's just undergone surgery for wounds but police say the injuries are not life- threatening. as for the shooter himself, partis' neighbors in arlington are, as you might imagine, shocked by the events and gary nuremburg tracked some of them down and is live with what they have to say. >> reporter: we're in arlington where neighbors describe partis, who used his mother's maiden name davis and was known as warren davis, described this man who is accused of ending his mother's life as someone who dedicated his own life to taking care of her as she became more aged and in firmed. ms. davis could be found wandering lost in the neighborhood suffering from some dementia. neighbors would lead her home. they described paul warren partis as someone who dedicated his life to her, took care of her , insisted that she was treated well. listen to the next door
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neighbors describe what that was like. >> he was a wonderful son. as far as i could see, he was always there for her. if she had to go in the ambulance or anything, he rode with her. he never left her side. and i told her, when i seen him walking her out, that she had a great son. you don't find too many sons like that. and this is just hard to believe. it's hard. >> he had called about two months ago and wanted to know if i knew a hairdresser to do her hair because she wasn't able to get out and he wanted somebody to come to the house. >> he was a gentle person. he tried to take care of her. he wasn't a mean person at all, not from what i seen from him at least. he was a gentle soul. >> reporter: a gentle soul who wanted to make sure a gentle soul who wanted to make sure that his mother still had some quality of life even as her physical conditions deteriorated, he would often
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take her for drives in the country. his main concern, they say, was his mom. >> you talk about how the guy took incredible care with his mother but how was he with the neighbors. >> reporter: i talked to one of the neighbors who said a tree came down and the neighborhood said i'll have to get this cut up and logged away but davis came over and said i see if you have some trouble, if you want, i'll take care of the tree and cut it up and didn't charge him a cent because his mother wanted to take a ride to the country. >> thank you, we appreciate it. and fire officials think this germantown man killed in a fire might have set it himself. he pumped 12 gallons of gas around his car and then ignited
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it. but they have no idea why. it killed guardon and destroyed his car in frederick last november. and for more stories where you live, go to and find our community and keep up with what is happening in your neighborhood. if you have a story or news tip, we want to hear from you. contact us and be a part of the wusa 9 team. metro has a suicide problem. last year 11 people killed themselves by leaping under the wheels of an approaching subway train. and that is twice as many as the year before. and if it looks like that is something that nobody can do anything about, well metro said we need to look closer. >> usually people plan. they will visit the site more than once. they will come and go for a number of weeks. and you see them. and our employees see them. >> reporter: metro's medical services manager said the evidence is on the videotape. suicide by subway is rarely a spur of the moment decision. >> statistically you can address it with someone who is
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planning suicide, 9.9 times they admit, yes, this is what i'm thinking. >> reporter: and last year many people went far beyond thinking to take their lives. and now the transit ising their own suicide prevention program and it's about more than just saving lives. >> it's devastating not just to the family of the deceased, but the people on the platform, the operator, the station manager, the electrician. >> reporter: the program would train metro workers to look for the signs of someone in distress and to learn the basic skills on confronting a potential suicide situation. metro would award a contractor the $250,000 to implement the plan. >> our focus from a h.r. perspective is training, education, communication. >> reporter: and metro said they cannot do it alone. they are hoping you, the riding public, will be willing to get involved.
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it means if you see somebody acting suspiciously, report it. >> you too own a piece of this that we are our brother's keepers. >> reporter: the metro board could give final approval for the plan at the end of the month. >> the board talked about building some physical barriers on the platform that would prevent suicides. that's been done like in toronto but metro wants to try this first. meantime the decision to run fewer trains in rush hour to improve arrival times is pay off. from the transit agency vital signs report. july was the first month with the fewer trains and as a result they were on time 88.6% of the time. and that's up more than 2% from the year before. hopefully the trains are on night, but what about the folks taking their cars home. patranya? >> the roadways not so much, and as you can see, this is why. wet pavement slowing things down significantly for folks heading north on 270.
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slow in two spots from 295 to montrose and father hurley to the weigh station. same situation on 66. if you are waiting for folks to get home, they might be running late before 95 to 123 breaks up after that. and in d.c., the gas main breaks still out there in columbia heights. roads are shut down. use 16th street as an alternate. and topper told me, my car wash might be all for not. >> you jinxed it. it's not raining in the northwest. but i would keep this if you are going out for the next three hours. everything is light and most of it is west of town, up 270, rockville north and out 66 in western fairfax county and west. so that's where it is. it's going to slowly move through here tonight. and here is your forecast. tonight, showers and most storms develop east of town. comfortable and low temperatures in the 60s. winds west northwest at 10. and because it has rained or showers everywhere, it is
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cooler. after a high of 92, it's 72 downtown, 64 in gaithersburg. we'll come back and talk about the all-important redskin forecast and look ahead to our weekend forecast and hurricane igor. well, coming up on 9 news now, imagine this, driving from wilmington delaware to richmond, virginia, on one gallon of gas. meet the local designers making it happen. and as of next year, 6,000 more cars are coming to one small section of northern virginia where the traffic is already a disaster. one what congressman is doing to try to help. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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 well they're telling us to look for a rush hour nightmare when the new department of defense building opens along i- 395 in alexandria next year. that building, part of the brack realignment plan, will house some 6400 employees, but it was built nowhere near a metro station and several studies show that the influx of cars could add 2 hours to everyone's commute along the corridor. well tonight the three top d.o.d. officials will take questions at a town hall meeting hosted by jim moran. >> we have impending chaos here if the military continues. they should have never started a building off seminary road
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without adequate infrastructure. >> it's easy to say they should have done this or that and here it is built and the traffic is what it is, so what do we do next. >> moran has a bill to restrict the army from building more than 1,000 parking spaces near the building. that would force them to provide service for employees. it's already passed the house and it's over in the senate. the town hall meeting at francis hammond middle school starts in 20 minutes. coming up on 9 news now, how long will the rain go on? topper has the answers in the forecast. plus think getting 30 miles to the gallon is great? how about 100 miles to the gallon? you heard me right. the virginia inventor that is making it happen.
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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back on 9 news now with a win for the white house. the small business lending bill was passed on a party line vote. it's supposed to create a $30 billion fund to free up lending to businesses and also creates
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tax breaks for businesses. it's over to the house for a final vote. and folks out of work in our area got a chance to meet with dozens of employers over in roslyn. d.c. hires held a job fair. companies like aflack and best buy were there to meet with people. there was an expert giving free professional resume reviews. company will hold another fair next month at tysons corner. and how is your mileage? 20, 30, 40, perhaps even 50 miles to the gallon. how would you feel about more than 100 mbg. a few guys from charlottesberg and lynchville got there and they won a huge prize by proving it. >> congratulate me in honoring team edison. >> reporter: oliver and his friends win the automotive x
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prize that gets 102.5 mpg. >> reporter: they won by creating the most slippery car in the world. >> a tour of the edison 2 very light car. >> reporter: they spent years developing a suspension system that fits entirely inside the wheel. >> it improves the aerodynamics a lot. >> reporter: ip instead of a square, the body is shaped like a diamond, cutting to a very pointy tail. >> it allows the air to stick to the car all the way around the end. >> reporter: and there is room for four. >> plenty of space for four people. >> reporter: one of the most amazing things about the edison 2 is it weighs just 830 pounds. you could push it with one hand. the light weight allows it's tiny 40-horsepower gas engine to power it up to more than 100 miles per hour. although it may take a bit to get there. >> it's the lowest power requiring power on the planet and that's the solution. >> reporter: they are convinced mainstream auto manufacturers
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will adopt some of their break- throughs but they're also looking at producing consumer cars at now abandoned factories in virginia. >> these guys are for real. this is the grand prize. >> reporter: and that is just the start. in washington, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> 40-horsepower not likely to get you excited by 100 miles per gallon is another thing. they had to prove their cars were safe, clean and affordable and design them so they could produce thousands of them by the year 2014. so imagine driving to richmond or harrisberg, pennsylvania, on just a single tank of gas, but would you actually buy one of those things? is it worth it to trade in your company sedan or maybe your sporty car to get more mpg? let us know if this is your next purchase. email us at mail bag at what do you think? >> i think they're going in the
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right direction. i think i'll wait until they get 80-horsepower. >> maybe 80 or 100 force hower and only 80 miles to the gallon. that would be good compromise. >> a lot of showers out there. thanks for washing your car. here is your forecast first. the next three days. sunshine returns. 83 on friday, 82 on saturday, sunday 82 and some showers. if you are tailgating it's fine. light showers possible and temperatures r5eu7 to 82. winds southeasterly at 10. you can watch it here on channel 9. it's the second game of a doubleheader. that means a lot of hors d'ouvres on sunday. 70s to start and becoming mostly sunny and 80 by lunchtime and 83 by evening. a great day, no jacket required. sunglasses probably a good idea. temperatures have cooled off. 72 downtown and 70 at andrews. and looking back at the west
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and north. 66 in fredericks, 66 in leesberg. 64 in gaithersburg. now for tonight, looking at showers, mostly cloudy and comfortable. temperatures in the 60s. i removed the thunderstorm thing. winds west northwest at 10. let me show you live doppler. you can access this on the website at or down load the weather app for the iphone. good stuff. it is a good app with a lot of compliments about it. showers back to the west. everything is light. heaviest activity up towards hagers down and across the border in p.a. but everything is moving off to the north and east. so vienna, out 123, out 7, toward great falls, wet. and 66 from vienna toward haymarket and further toward manassas is going to be wet but nothing heavy. back to the commuter we go. we'll talk about tomorrow's temperatures. partly cloudy and mild. 60s and 70s. a nice friday morning. by afternoon a great day. mostly sunny and warm, high temperatures in the low 80s. and winds northwesterly at
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about 10. hurricane igor headed toward bermuda. and it looks like it will get to west of the islands, which means that's the worst case scenario. it could hit sunday afternoon with anywhere from 105 to 15 in terms of wind. that would do some damage to bermuda. and then it races into the north atlantic. big swells would be our problem along the east coast over the weekend. next seven days. low 80s, friday, saturday and sunday and maybe a sprinkle late sunday. shouldn't effect your plans at all. 79 on monday. starts to warm up next week. 84 on tuesday, derek. fall arrives on wednesday and we turn around and it's 88 on wednesday and 88 on thursday. >> it's just our whole ironic summer. >> it's typical. we'll be right back. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag at 9 news now will be right back. hey, ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas?
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in the mail bag tonight, your taxes. yesterday i asked you how you felt about the president's plan to allow the bush tax cuts to expire, but only for the wealthy. michelle in hyattsville said give the tax break to everyone. i find myself favoring letting the tax cuts expire as was the intention of the original legislation. if other measures are necessary to spur economic growth, then they should involve deficit reduction and a sincere effort to reduce wasteful government over spending. the only problem is one man's wasteful government spending is somebody else's paycheck. and the other side from david who said he understands and is willing to pay more, but i am more in favor of a flat tax. easy to pay, unavoidable and seemingly fairest and simplest of all methods to collect. one big problem is it gets rid of the irs and all of those government accountants and the government will never agree to it. sad. david the problem is not the government accountants, it's the private activitiesin twined
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in the tax code from charities to your local mortgage banker. and john said the voters had spoken but what do they have to say. will they discuss better schools and public safety. if that isn't the case shouldn't those issues of disgust which are real should take a backseat to better schools, streets that got plowed during snowstorms but this goes to show a nickel can still hold up a dollar when you don't take care of the politics. soo your saying the voters had legitimate gripes and vote for the guy they don't like and don't trust because he made the trains run on time and that's assuming the new guy can't do those things. would you do that? i don't know if i would. what would the rest of you do? the address is mail bag at well that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight
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at 11:00 along with anita brick pan. don't forget to log on at see you a little later. bye-bye. hi. i'm jim perdue. in case of everyday emergencies... guys, go get changed! ...or soccer practice, it's important to be prepared for dinner. that's why i've prepared my perdue perfect portions fresh chicken breasts. they're individually wrapped, so you can cook what you need and store what you don't. we're not playing helicopter now.
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ready when you are, they're trimmed of fat and consistently sized to cook in just 10 minutes. life's not perfect. that's why there's perdue perfect portions. [ male announcer ] perdue perfect portions. ready when you are. >> now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment news magazine in the world. all new ashton and news on the cheating headline today. new shots of ashton out
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yesterday, where is demi? the couple on twitter. did they tweet about the scandal? >> the first time he was accused, ashton went to twitter to deny it. >> exclusive. >> halle berry swimming with sharks. "e.t." is first on the set. >> i'm on location in london for dark tide with halle and her toddler daughter. >> does she have the acting bug? >> i looked over at her and she was going like this. >> on celebrity gps, kim kardashian with her mom in paris. meagan fox in her underwear. >> arnold and marie's daughter all grown up and sitting down with me to talk about her battle with body image. >> i figured how messed up it was to stay below 90 pounds. >> betty white making a face statement. >> it better be my face you're looking at. >> cloris hm


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